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The Festivals and Events industry has demonstrated serious resilience and resourcefulness over the past few years, navigating the challenges of COVID-19 as well as an ever-evolving consumer landscape.

What is next for the sector and how will it collectively approach opportunities for innovation and community building? What future are festivals supporting us in building, and what future for festivals do we wish to build?

Throughout 2024, we will build our inaugural State of the Industry Report.

Contribute to the report by submitting your views on the opportunities and untapped potential of the industry via this survey.

The survey forms part of our comprehensive South Australian Festival and Event Industry Review, which will map the sector across the state and help to inform policy recommendations and advice.

The South Australian Festival and Event Industry Review is a comprehensive study into the industry’s state of health. One step beyond a census, the review will help us not only collect important datasets but also dig deeper into the pressure points that the industry is experiencing.


How many festivals and events take place in South Australia every year?


How many FTE jobs are created in the sector per annum?


How many small businesses, public spaces, and iconic venues participate in festival programs?


How many South Australians contribute to the success of our sector as volunteers?

Fast Facts

It’s a fact. Festivals help us create incredible memories.

But the sector’s contribution to the fabric of our society is much more rich and complex then might first meet the eye. From education to manufacturing, social wellbeing to sustainability, festivals create jobs and engage the community.

Read about the impacts ours festivals create year-round using our Impact Explorer. Contribute to our Festivals 2050 vision by submitting your ideas for a more impactful future for festivals. Utilise our Crew and Services Directory to find top talent and suppliers to make your festival a success.