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Climate Action Plan Launch

Paving the Way for Environmental Sustainability in Adelaide’s Festival Sector

In a significant collaboration and Australian first, Festival City Adelaide – South Australia’s peak body for festivals and events – enlisted the expertise of Green Music Australia to pioneer a collective approach towards sustainability and regeneration among the state’s festival sector.

The result is a FCA Climate Action Roadmap 2024 –  a comprehensive environmental sustainability plan tailored for the sector.

It is a plan for achieving environmental action goals generated by Festival City Adelaide members, along with a commitment to a roadmap and evaluation framework.

The work was supported by advice, guidance, and funding provided by Green Industries SA, which operates the Lead-Educate-Assist-Promote (LEAP) grants that support industry sectors, business groups, and supply chains to drive a more resource efficient, sustainable, and circular economy for SA.

The Roadmap will now inform the peak body’s strategic activities designed to amplify confidence, capacity, collaboration and transparency in the sector’s response to the climate crisis.

Susan Close, Minister for Climate, Environment and Water, said “It’s incumbent on all parts of our community to help reduce the impacts of climate change and I’m really pleased to see the arts sector take a lead on this important issue.

We have a proud history in South Australia of being at the forefront of addressing climate change, particularly through our embrace of renewable energy, and this initiative helps to build on this impressive legacy.”

“South Australia is renowned for its exceptional festivals and its commitment to climate action, and here we see these leadership areas converge into action. Green Industries SA is a proud funding partner of this Roadmap which can be implemented by festivals of all sizes to reduce their carbon footprint and help our state transition to a sustainable and circular economy”, said Prof. Ian Overton, Chief Executive of Green Industries SA.

Justyna Jochym, Chief Executive of Festival City Adelaide said, “The climate emergency is no longer looming on the horizon or happening in some distant place. It is here now. And it is impossible to separate the sustainability of the festivals and events sector from the health of the physical environments we operate in.

The Climate Action Roadmap has been an opportunity for our membership to tell us how it wishes to collaborate to address the climate crisis. Together we can generate industry initiatives and standards that pave the way for a regenerative and climate positive future.”

The underlying plan behind the Roadmap has been informed by best-practice research, interviews, workshops and practical observations, including a sector-wide commitment to enable SA festival and state government to come together and be the driver of change.

Berish Bilander, CEO of Green Music Australia, said, “We’re incredibly excited to be working on this landmark project with Festival City Adelaide. South Australia is home to some of the best festivals in Australia, many of which are already leaders in environmental sustainability. Now for the first time, through this partnership, Festival City Adelaide was supported to create a framework for change and collectively set climate goals and track improvements, modelling a template for action that other states can look to for inspiration.”

The collaboration has forged a new path that will help to empower the festival sector to become a champion of sustainable and regenerative action in South Australia.

The Climate Action Roadmap was launched on 28 February 2024.

Photos from the event can be seen below (Photographer: Thomas McCammon)