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Enrich your understanding through invaluable insights shared by seasoned industry experts, who will transform your passion into a powerful skill set. Join us today and kickstart your thriving career in the festivals sector!

Are you an ambitious individual with a strong desire to launch your career with a dynamic and impactful start? Explore South Australia’s leading courses and majors in festivals, tailored to pave the path to success for aspiring professionals like yourself. The comprehensive curricula encompass all aspects of the industry, from event planning to marketing strategies, pulling back the curtain on awe-inspiring experiences that leave a lasting impression.


Flinders University

Festival City ADL has partnered with South Australia’s leading university, Flinders University, to co-deliver a major with a specific focus on festivals and events. This three-year degree connects you with industry from day one, giving you the knowledge, skills and networks needed to become a professional, adaptable and creatively focused operator with multidisciplinary skills. Those taking part in this unique offering will learn about the cultural and economic impacts of festivals locally and globally, gain experience in the business of festivals, and participate in immersive placements during their studies.

Flinders students receive complimentary Young Professionals | Student memberships, including access to job listings, Festival Intern Network, and training courses that add to their preparedness for a career in the festival sector.

For more information about the course, go to Flinders University: Bachelor of Creative Industries (Festivals and Arts Production).

If you are a Flinders University student registered in the course, you can set up an account here and request access to our LinkedIn Young Professionals Network here.

You can also hear more from Flinders University students about their experience by clicking on the links below.